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06 May 2007 @ 08:55 am
Hi everyone!

Welcome to this community. I'm the only administrator because I've just created to upload my graphics so they don't miss in my journal. Here, you'll find icons, wallpapers, userbars, lovebars, signatures, blends, headers... Also, I'll create a special entry for requests in case someone wants something. And, I'd like to credit the following aka resources: scully7491,amethystia, unmasked_icons,  Sanami276,  77words, Queen_Mab (from Sarah Brightman OS; thank you so much for your Sarah B brushes!!!) myrasis, 100x100 graphics, 100x100 brushes, Icon Gradients, brushaddicts, fangirls_inc, missm, touchstonesart, damnedinblack, forbidden-fire, 1greeneye, grsites, annikavonholdt, Dafont (great place to download fonts!), echoica, hybrid-genesis, inxsomniax, eveningwalk, nocturna, photoshopbrushes, veredgf, itsuji, 44Suburbia, inobscuro, MetroStation, Obsidian, seishido_brushes, ToastSnatcher, Wonderland, microchaotic, insomniac, Ischarm, ShadyMedusa, the_testimony, dusty_memories, serene_infinity, piemin, argentarya, mutsie_brushes, yunyunsarang, another-trauma, damnicons, Adriano09, froozen-tears, abscenced, Traitors-stead, shamita08, So-ghislaine, obscene-bunny, jocosity, julkusiowa, Frasio, crazykira-resources, schokotorte, devivre,

Lj users/communities and websites are mixed there. If I take something from someone is not listed here, please let me know I'll update this entry.

Sanctuary screencaps
enchantedfleur Doctor Who screencaps
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